2019 NW Region Outstanding WOC Nurse

Cherry Bisquera

Cherry has been an inpatient WOC RN at Kaiser for more than 10 years.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, hard working, and responsible.   Cherry spends time treating the patient with the best care options but also teaching the patient and giving them tools to be independent with their care.  I met with one of Cherry’s patients one day when covering for Cherry- the patient was telling me about how she had presented to the clinic in tears as she had just found all of her eggs she had extracted for IVF were not viable.  She was being seen in the wound clinic for a remaining non healing abdominal wound from the procedure and was devastated.  Cherry’s care made a difference in this patient’s difficult time- even though it was a small teaching interaction.  Cherry was positive and gave her the tools to help heal the wound.  One of the many things that is so impressive about Cherry is how she is always teaching inpatient nurses and other WOC RNs new things and communicating so clearly with others the need for evidenced based practice. She will take the time to write emails or have discussions with nurses about their practice when needs arise. She is kind, professional and has those tough conversations while still maintaining a positive relationship and working toward a positive patient experience.